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sábado, 11 de setembro de 2010

The most beautiful flowers

Flowers makes our life more colorful. Most of them have a specific and wonderful smell.

Cactus flowers are very rare but really beautiful when it happens. A cactus is member of the plant family Cactaceae, native to the Americas.

beatiful flowers1 The most beautiful flowers

Orchids are a very diverse group of plants from all climates except the arctic’s. The most popular orchid today is the Phalaenopsis or ‘Moth Orchid’ which thrives in modern centrally heated homes and offices.

beatiful flowers2 The most beautiful flowers

Fritillaria meleagris flowers in mid-spring (April/May) for 2-3 weeks and its origin is in Europe.

beatiful flowers3 The most beautiful flowers

Blue Bell Tunicate (Clavelina puerto-secensis) are common in the Caribbean and are particularly dense on some ship wrecks.

beatiful flowers4 The most beautiful flowers

The Purple Foxglove has dark green foliage and inconspicuous purple flowers, with an abuncance of conspicuous black fruits or seeds.

beatiful flowers5 The most beautiful flowers

Marsh Gentian - Scarce perennial of bogs and wet heaths on acid soils. Has scattered sites in England and Wales. Narrow leaves are carried up stem in opposite pairs. Clusters of bright blue, trumpet-shaped flowers, each 25 45mm long, appear July to October.

beatiful flowers6 The most beautiful flowers


Luscious Lotus - Very intoxicating lotus flower! Pink with a dreamy yellow center, then layered with blades of grass.

beatiful flowers7 The most beautiful flowers

Amorphophallus Titanum is an indescribable sight and for one day, also has an indescribably awful smell for about 12 hours when it first opens.

beatiful flowers8 The most beautiful flowers


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